We were inspired by one of our volunteer's recent food share pantry that she established in her neighborhood during this difficult time. We started talking about how many of our Area 16 families might be struggling during this time due to finances, health circumstances, family circumstances, etc.   We have done some brainstorming this morning and we want to do our best to continue to offer our Area 16 family support even though all Special Olympics activities are on hold. With the situation changing rapidly, it appears this may go on longer than initially anticipated.

First, disclaimer, this is NOT a Special Olympics activity or in any way affiliated with Special Olympics Michigan. This is just a few of us trying to figure out a way to help a community of people that mean a whole lot to each other! We realize there are many Athletes and families in Area 16 who do not have family support nearby. Many of our families have people who fall into the high-risk category for COVID19 and are not able to safely get out at all due to family circumstances.

Additionally, we are all about social distancing as recommended by CDC. None of the things we have in mind involve direct physical contact with families or people who may be ill.

If you are an Area 16 family or volunteer who finds themselves in need, or know of an Area 16 family in need, please call Chris at (269) 762-2855.


Requests for assistance will not be made public. (Former Social Worker…most of you are well aware of how discreet I am about things that are no one else’s business!) I will look at our pool of volunteers and try to find someone nearby that might be able to assist.

Things we think we can possibly help with:

· Picking up/delivering medications from the pharmacy

· Picking up/delivering groceries/household necessities

(Families could just leave reimbursement for co-pays/grocery money on porch in envelope for volunteer who is assisting)


· “Well-check” phone calls to Athletes who live alone or are feeling isolated and could use a phone call or Face Time call once in a while to keep them connected.

· Linking for financial assistance for food/household needs for families who find themselves unexpectedly without income due to closures.

While there is no guarantee that we can help, we will certainly do our best to assist!

For those who are in a position to help, here is a link to a Google Document to sign up to help others:


Thinking of all of you during this challenging time.