Young Athletes



To sign up for the Young Athletes program, please email 

or call the Area 16 Information Line @ (269) 491-0000

and leave your child's name and a message

that you would like to sign them up!

We hold our Young Athlete's programs at the same venue and overlapping time that our Traditional Sports practices are offered. Please note that your little folks will not be practicing with our older Athletes, they will simply be sharing space and have a program of their own geared toward sport-specific skill development helping them move forward into someday participating in the sport they see going on around them at practice.

This is also a great time for you, as parents, to network with parents of older children and adults who have the benefit of "been there, done that" under their belts! The young Athlete's that participate also seemed to enjoy the high-fives and verbal praise they received from the traditional Athletes who often stop by their venue to encourage them.

We hope you might consider allowing your Athlete to participate in a Young Athlete's Exhibition, similar to what is offered at many Special Olympics State events, showcasing your child's abilities. We are asking that you please sign your child up in advance so that we can plan ahead to we have enough Volunteers on hand to ensure a safe and positive experience for your Young Athlete. If you know of any other parents who have children that might be interested in the program, please feel free to share this information with them. If they are interested in signing their child up, please have them send an email to: so we can get them a registration form and get them signed up!
Currently we offer the following Young Athletes programs:
Gymnastics - Spring
Swimming - Summer
Soccer - Fall
Downhill Skiing - Winter
(We haven't had any Young Athletes sign up yet...but we are willing!  E-mail if interested in signing up!)